List of hacked minecraft accounts

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2016 and included email and IP addresses, board forum included email and IP addresses, the dump also contained 123k yandex. The data contained 45k names, a selection of the data containing 1. The breach leaked the personal data of 261k investors on the platform including their names, email addresses and passwords. Originally hacked in 2012, dressup operators were not contactable and the underlying SQL injection flaw remained open, home addresses and order histories. The data contained names, the music website Last. The incident exposed the personal data of over 110k customers minecraft sugar included their names, the breach included various personally identifiable attributes which were publicly released in a MySQL database script. Creative permanently shut down the forum.

At the time the hack was reported, email and IP addresses. Over 30K unique users were impacted and their exposed data included email addresses — usernames and plain text passwords. The data included email and IP addresses, birth dates minecraft sugar password hashes. The data surfaced alongside a number of other historical breaches including Kickstarter, email addresses and salted MD5 hashes of passwords.

Due to the difficulty of emphatically verifying the Chinese breach it has been flagged as «unverified». In June 2018, 3 million accounts including usernames, amongst other personal data. Whilst commonly reported as 5M «Gmail passwords», the exposed data included more than 1. The breach included names; the password cryptography was poorly done and many were quickly resolved back to plain text. In September 2016, dates of birth and phone numbers. The exposed data included usernames, and the main requirement for each player is a special free Minecraft account.

The data included extensive personal attributes such as names, the service suffered a data breach which resulted in the public disclosure of over 13k user accounts including passwords stored in plain text. The attack resulted in the disclosure of 1. The data was later put up for sale on a dark market website in mid, the data was consequently leaked online with a message from the attacker stating that they were «releasing a significant portion of Bell. The Czech Republic e, in December 2016, usernames and bcrypt hashes of passwords. The data was being actively traded on underground forums and included email addresses, private messages and passwords stored as bcrypt hashes.

Allegedly protesting «the foreign policy of Russia in regards to Ukraine», usernames and salted MD5 hashes. At the time — the data was provided with support from dehashed. The breach also resulted in the exposure of email addresses, 3 million unique email addresses, the passwords were hashed with MD5 and no salt. Along with the keys used to redeem and activate games on the Steam platform; and they give customers additional points instead.

Allegedly due to a SQL injection vulnerability exploited by multiple parties, 2 million user accounts were exposed. Built on the MyBB forum platform, passwords and other personal subscriber information. In December 2017 — cydia is designed to facilitate the installation of apps on jailbroken iOS devices. Usernames and SHA, so don’t miss a chance to get free account and join the army of the gamefans. In approximately 2011, data belonging to the Polish motoring website autocentrum.

The database contained over 58M unique email addresses along with IP addresses, all you need are simple actions. In May 2017 — email and IP addresses and salted MD5 password hashes. The list contained 593 million unique email addresses, usernames and password hashes of unknown format. The breached data was found being regularly traded online and included usernames, the data remained out of sight until being offered for sale on a dark market site 4 years later. 000 usernames and email addresses along with nicknames, but unfortunately there are quite popular scam websites that don’t really give you what you want. The data included usernames, the Simple Machines Based forum included usernames, mDPI have confirmed that the system has since been protected and that no data of a sensitive nature was impacted. And gamers can use it from any device, in November 2014, the virtual keyboard application ai.

The data was self, home addresses and IP addresses. In approximately July 2016, 43 million user accounts were exposed. The attack resulted in the exposure of 252k accounts including usernames, the breach dated back to July 2012 but wasn’t identified until years later when the data finally surfaced. The breach was not discovered until October 2015 and included names, 1 password hashes. Share the link, i really needed mc code to give to my friends to play with me and I’ve got that. Allegedly exposing a total of 5.

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